Webster University is offering new thematic  Study Abroad sessions at three international campuses: Geneva, Leiden and Vienna.

Take an In-Depth Dive Into Specialized Study with Hands-On Experiences

Two back-to-back sessions will be offered at each of these vibrant locations. Each four-week session will host thematic programs comprised of a three-credit core course and a one-credit experiential learning course.

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The World’s Smallest Truly Global City

As Switzerland’s most international city, Geneva’s spirit of international cooperation made it the ideal site for Webster’s first international campus in 1978.

Home to the European headquarters for the United Nations and numerous international organizations, Geneva has a long history of diversity and tolerance. It’s humanitarian tradition began with the creation of the Red Cross, and continues today as home of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Citizens from over 175 countries reside in Geneva and as a city of only about 200,000, Geneva is frequently referred to as the world’s smallest truly global city. 

The Geneva campus is the most culturally diverse in Webster University’s international network and welcomes students from nearly 90 nationalities each year.

Webster Geneva is a park-style campus environment located in Bellevue, Geneva within sight of Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Study Business or International Relations in Summer 2024 at Webster Geneva

Develop your understanding of international relations in the home of multi-lateral diplomacy or focus on different aspects of the Swiss business sphere from sports to winemaking.  Each session will focus on a specific theme and offers a one-credit experiential learning focused course to enhance the theme. Both sessions have an international relations thematic program as well as a business focused program.

Summer Session 1 has offerings in either Global Governance or Sports in Switzerland. Summer Session 2 offers a choice between either International Organizations or Winemaking. Read more about the course offerings in each session below.

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Study for four or eight weeks in Geneva or pair four weeks in Geneva with four weeks in Leiden or Vienna.

Summer 1: June 3–28

Webster students and faculty socialize below international flagsSince Geneva is home to the United Nations (UN), these courses combine theoretical knowledge and experiential skills integration through the world governments’ architectural framework for peace negotiations, arms treaties and other forms of agreements relative to conflict and dispute resolution, including sustainable solutions, via visits and speakers. While examining the issues, institutions and debates surrounding this emerging subfield in contemporary international relations, these courses introduce a range of major global issues. The courses highlight the multiple global challenges including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with special presentations by invited faculty and international practitioners.

Course Fee: $200


Dive into the intricate world of international relations by embarking on a dynamic journey through the diplomatic hub of Geneva. This course offers a comprehensive study of contemporary global issues, providing students with the opportunity to engage with international organizations, experts and policymakers. Through insightful lectures, discussions and immersive site visits, students will gain a profound understanding of the complexities and challenges that shape the global stage.

By combining theoretical knowledge, practical experiences, and critical thinking, this course will equip students with a well-rounded perspective on the complex issues central to sustainability studies. Content will look at the role of social, political, environmental, communication, educational, economic and ethical factors in the development of sustainability, including through the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG): explore the UN's role in promoting peace, human rights, and international cooperation and attend briefings and discussions with UN officials on current global issues.

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva: learn about humanitarian diplomacy and the role of these organizations in mitigating conflicts. Engage in workshops on negotiation techniques and conflict mediation.

Site visit at Cantonal Recovery Area (ESREC) Châtillon, the Geneva Waste Management Center

Field Trip to a Sustainable Community: Visit a local sustainable community to observe sustainable living practices, including renewable energy use, organic farming, and community-based initiatives.

Webster students in football jerseys pose in front of Geneva campus buildingGeneva and Switzerland are headquarters to global sports organizations governing professional and amateur sports, including the Olympics (Paris 2024), in addition to signature Swiss sport activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, swimming and sailing. To start, the student embarks on a fabulous journey through the rich sports heritage of Switzerland's vibrant cities, especially Geneva and Lausanne. These immersive courses invite the student learner to delve into the heart of Swiss sports, exploring the historical significance, modern innovations and the fusion of athleticism and culture. These courses examine the social and economic impact of these Swiss sports entities and industries via experiential visits and sports sampling. Through a series of curated visits to key sports-related sites and activities, the student will gain a profound understanding of how sports have woven themselves into the fabric of these cities.

Course Fee: $300


Delve into the intricate world of contemporary management issues through an in-depth exploration of their historical roots, current challenges and potential remedies. This course employs a comprehensive approach, utilizing compelling case studies in sports to dissect each issue, fostering a deep understanding of how management practices in the sports ecosystem have evolved and continue to shape our modern business landscape in Geneva.

Embark on a transformative learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with practical application in the beautiful city of Geneva and its surrounding cantons. This course, centered around outdoor recreation activities, offers students an opportunity to delve into the concepts of lifetime fitness, health risk management, and holistic well-being. Through engaging lectures, discussions, lifestyle assessments and invigorating fitness activities, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

Olympic Museum, Lausanne: Immerse yourself in the history of the Olympic Games at the renowned Olympic Museum. Discover the evolution of sports, witness iconic memorabilia, and explore the stories of legendary athletes who have made history on the global stage.

International Sports Organizations: Gain insights into the global impact of Swiss sports diplomacy by visiting headquarters of international sports organizations headquartered in Lausanne, such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Football Federation (FIFA).

Outdoor Activities: include a guided walking tour of Geneva, cycling along Lake Geneva, a yoga and meditation session by the Lake, and goal setting hike in the Jura Mountains.

Summer 2: July 1–26

Webster Students pose in front of gallery of flags at United NationsAs Geneva is home of the UN, these complimentary courses focus on all aspects of intergovernmental organizations, from its origins and evolution to modern day, including various historical and current applicable events. This comprehensive program will provide participants with a deep understanding of Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs). Geneva, Switzerland hosts a diverse range of IGOs that play crucial roles in diplomacy, international relations, and global cooperation. Through a blend of lectures, case studies, guest speakers, and site visits, participants will gain insights into the functions, structures, and significance of these organizations in addressing pressing global challenges.

Course Fee: $100


Participants will gain advanced knowledge of international politics and global dynamics, specifically focusing on the significant role of Geneva-based international organizations. Through engaging discussions, real-world case studies, and on-site visits, participants will deepen their understanding of diplomacy, security, humanitarian action, sustainable development, and emerging technologies in the context of international politics. This course offers a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field and experience firsthand the operations of influential international organizations.

This course provides students with the opportunity to explore career paths in history, political science or international relations, including those opportunities related to their academic disciplines. Through a series of assignments, students will identify their interests and skills with various careers. The course will include guest speakers from a variety of careers, as well as individuals from Career Services. Note: any program major can participate and benefit from this course in Geneva.

Visit at the International Peace Institute or Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Visit at humanitarian organizations in Geneva: ICRC and UNHCR.

Visit at the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other UN entities.

Webster Students pose in front of gallery of flags at United NationsGeneva borders France and is home to some of the finest wines and wineries in the world. These courses cover Swiss and French wines culturally and economically, including tasting and culinary experiences culminating in Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) Level 1 Testing for Certification.

Course Fee: $400


By combining experiential learning with critical analysis, this course provides students with a nuanced understanding of the rich cultural context that defines Switzerland, including in relation to France, relative to wine and winemaking. Students will learn about the historical and sociopolitical contexts for areas where the culture differs significantly from U.S. culture and develop their intercultural competence skills that will help them establish contact with the people of Geneva. Further, the course analyzes current and significant issues in the winemaking business, focusing on existing theories and practices, with emphasis given to energizing topics, problems and possible solutions through experiential case studies.

This comprehensive course will immerse participants in the world of winemaking, focusing on the unique terroirs and techniques of Canton Geneva and Canton Vaud in Switzerland. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, hands-on experiences, and field visits to local wineries, participants will gain a deep understanding of the art and science behind winemaking in these regions.

Sustainable Wine-Making Workshop: Learn about sustainable and biodynamic winemaking practices from experts in the field.

Wine Tastings: Engage in guided tastings of local wines to appreciate the unique flavors of each terroir.

Hiking through Vineyards: Embark on a guided hike through the scenic terraced vineyards of Lavaux, immersing in the natural beauty of the region.

Innovative Winery Tour: Explore a state-of-the-art winery in Vaud, discovering modern winemaking techniques.

Guided walking tour through Old Town Geneva, highlighting landmarks and stories.

Visit to Maison de Rousseau et de la Littérature to understand the city's literary heritage.

Arts Galleries of the Quartier des Bains and MAMCO: guided tour featuring local and international artists.

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Student Spotlight on Webster Geneva

“Geneva is a very central city in Europe so ... my friends and I are able to travel a lot on the weekends, and that was one of the big reasons why I wanted to study abroad.”

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