How Our Focus on Academic Research and the Creative Arts Benefits Those Earning their Bachelor Degree in Geneva

Academic research is one of the most important parts of life at Webster Geneva Campus. As a university that prides itself on offering diversity between disciplines and cultures, research initiatives are a collaborative effort among our faculty members having varying nationalities and subjects of interest. 

Not only are we proud of our researchers and the joint projects they’ve worked on together over the years, Webster Geneva Campus also places a focus on the interdisciplinary nature of creativity, with our Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI)— where the role of creativity in research on various fields is examined alongside academic and non-academic organizations.

Here’s a closer look at how our emphasis on the creative arts and academic research benefits our students.

Why Academic Research Is Important at Webster Geneva Campus

Faculty members from various departments at Webster Geneva Campus play a part in developing academic research, to add interdisciplinary perspectives to the work being done. These research projects are especially important in fields such as Media Communications, International Relations, Psychology and Counseling, and Business and Technology. Viewpoints from different perspectives are taken into account, often to address modern society’s biggest challenges (e.g. healthcare, migration, sustainability).

Our university also frequently collaborates with companies and universities in Switzerland and beyond, in part to develop research to enhance our scientific expertise and how our research can have a positive impact. Combining both practical and formal research, our findings are published as conference proceedings, as well as in peer-reviewed journals, articles and interviews for media outlets, scientific seminars, and magazines.

Webster’s Scholars Program also supports our highest academic achievers, with faculty mentors supporting student research.  Scholars Program participants have the possibility to complete a bachelor thesis–an excellent way to earn admission to top graduate schools, or to demonstrate your passion for learning to a future employer in your chosen field. 

The Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation: What You Need to Know

Students getting their bachelor degree in Geneva may be intrigued with the work done by the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI). Hosted by Webster Geneva Campus, this center focuses on innovation and creativity as subjects of scientific study, while taking a multidisciplinary approach. Creative processes and innovation management are examined across many fields of interest, such as art and design, business, education, and technology. 

We also strive to help organizations work together to cultivate developments in innovation, thanks to our partnerships with multiple creativity-focused organizations around the world. The center also plays host to various activities and events. Among these is our monthly Creativity and Innovation Lecture series, which brings international experts on innovation to talk to the public about their experience. Webster also hosts a series called “Meet the Artist” and other workshops, seminars, symposia, and research activities in collaboration with the WCCI.

How These Factors Benefit Our Students Taking a Bachelor Degree in Geneva

While students study in Geneva, either as a degree-seeking student or during a study abroad semester, they can take course electives and attend these open events.

Undergraduate students are able to enroll in a variety of relevant courses, including in Management (MNGT 3730 Creativity, Innovation and the Entrepreneur), Art History and Criticism (ARHS 1050 Art Appreciation), Magazine Production (JOURN 4390) and English (ENGL 2160 Creative Writing: Fiction), to name a few.

Master’s students can now take an elective course in Creativity and Innovation, and a full Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Innovation has also been launched online, in collaboration between the WCCI and Webster University’s School of Education, now open to alumni from Webster and from other universities. 

Finally, Webster’s Global Citizenship Program (GCP) helps undergraduate students expand their understanding of artistic expression, as well as skills in quantitative literacy.  The GCP is Webster’s version of the American Liberal Arts system, exposing students in all majors to aspects of science, culture, and the ability to think critically.

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