Tips and Tricks to Finding the Perfect Internship While Studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Europe

Whatever your career ambition may be, an internship could be what helps you accomplish your goals. It can also help give you the knowledge and understanding you need to be certain that this career path is the one you truly want. But how do you go about the application process? And what should you do to ensure you get the internship you’re looking for?

At Webster Geneva Campus, we offer students more than 250 opportunities per year, as a way to complete an internship —  which helps to open doors for their careers in ways that otherwise might not have been possible. Here are some ways you can find the best internship for you while you study in Europe.

A Good First Impression Is the Best Way to Get Noticed

There are many advantages to completing an internship. For example, if you want to get experience working in the career of your choice while possibly even gaining credit toward your studies, an internship can provide you with both. However, an acceptance letter for your internship isn’t going to come unless you prepare your application properly.  It’s important that you keep a smart image on your social media profiles (employers often look!).  

For your Facebook or Instagram feed, hobbies and social activities are great to share; party photos may not always help you to put your best foot forward.  Your LinkedIn picture should be how you imagine yourself to be/dress on your first day of the new internship.  Even your voice message on your mobile should be friendly and clear, so they know they’ve reached the right person–and it’s always best to use your school email address, if your personal one doesn’t give a good impression.

It’s All in the Preparation

Make sure you’ve created or updated your LinkedIn profile and created a CV.  It’s usually best to put it in a format that’s recommended by your Career Services office.  As you complete the necessary procedures for your application, be sure to have a tailored letter of motivation (cover letter).  Your career services office should be able to help if you need coaching on what kinds of things to say.  And ask someone you trust to proofread or review it for any grammar or spelling errors.  While there are many different ways to get noticed by the company you want to intern for, perhaps the easiest way to get off to a good start is not to show mistakes up front!

Networking Is Another Important Step Toward an Internship

Another great way to secure your ideal internship is to network with people who may be able to help you get closer toward it—whether you’re completing a business administration bachelor or any other type of degree. Attend career fairs, speak directly to employers to inquire about their internships, meet with career counselors, talk to those who have done internships in the past, and speak to your professors to ask about the experiences their former students had. Talking to the right people can help you better understand what to expect while completing an internship. In addition, these contacts could also become valuable business connections for you later in life!

Networking can help you discover opportunities

Use Your University’s Resources While You Study in Switzerland
Those completing their bachelor degree in Europe who are hoping to do an internship should also seek out what resources their university offers in order to help them get one. At Webster, you can use our Career Services to help you find internships relevant to your degree and career ambitions. Our Career Services can also provide assistance when applying for an internship and writing a letter of motivation. 

Webster’s Internship Program is available to students with a sufficient GPA and a minimum of 80 credit hours. Students who qualify will have access to a wide variety of wonderful internships. In addition, students with an especially high GPA can even access Webster’s Honors Internship Program. These internships can be an excellent addition to your CV. In addition, upon receiving approval from the head of your department, you might even be able use your internship for credit.

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