Webster Geneva Hosts Swiss+ High School and College Counselor Event

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Swiss+ Counselor Event Attendees on the Webster Geneva Campus lawnSwiss+ Counselor Event Attendees on the Webster Geneva Campus lawn.

Spring 2024 saw the Webster Geneva Campus continue its community activities as it hosted the prestigious Swiss+ High School and College Counselor two-day event.

This highly anticipated event gathered high school and college counselors from the vast majority of private educational secondary schools across Switzerland, offering them a comprehensive experience that highlighted Webster Geneva’s commitment to excellence in education and community engagement.

Presenter speaks to event attendees in front of a projected screen

Day 1: Engaging and Informative Sessions

The first day kicked off with a warm welcome presentation by Webster Geneva’s management team. This session set the tone for the day, providing attendees with an insightful overview of the University’s vision, mission and the unique opportunities it offers students. The counselors were introduced to the diverse academic programs and the vibrant campus life on which Webster Geneva prides itself.

Following the welcome presentation, counselors were treated to an extensive campus tour, showcasing the state-of-the-art facilities, including modern classrooms and the serene study areas that contribute to an enriching educational environment. The tour provided counselors with a firsthand look at the resources available to Webster students, highlighting the university's commitment to fostering a supportive and innovative learning atmosphere.

One of the key highlights of Day 1 was the Swiss+ discussions. This session provided a platform for counselors to share best practices, discuss the latest trends in education, and explore collaborative opportunities. The exchange of ideas and experiences was invaluable, fostering a sense of community and collective growth among the counselors.

In the evening, attendees enjoyed a delightful wine-tasting session. This relaxed setting allowed counselors to unwind and network with their peers, further strengthening the bonds within the educational community.

Tents outside the Webster Geneva building with attendees grouped together, talking

The day concluded with a networking dinner, where conversations continued over delicious cuisine, creating lasting connections and fostering a spirit of camaraderie.

Event attendees at the network dinner.

Day 2: Student Experiences and Professional Development

Day 2 began with an inspiring session titled “Meet the Students.” This unique opportunity allowed counselors to interact directly with Webster students, who shared their personal experiences and insights.

Attendees speaking with students.

The students spoke about their academic journeys, internship opportunities, and graduate placements, offering a genuine perspective on life at Webster Geneva. This session was particularly impactful, as it provided counselors with real-world examples of student success and the tangible benefits of a Webster education.

Attendees and community members at the barbecue finale.

Following this, the focus shifted to professional development with a showcase of the MA in Counselling program. This session was designed to equip counselors with practical tools and strategies to support their students effectively. Topics covered included Managing Anxiety, Managing Expectations of Parents, and sharing best practices in counseling. Expert speakers provided valuable insights and actionable advice, enhancing the counselors' skill sets and empowering them to better assist their students in navigating the challenges of academic and personal development.

A Grand Finale with a Community Barbecue

The event concluded with a friendly barbecue that was open to the entire Webster community. This casual and enjoyable setting provided a perfect ending to the two-day event. Counselors, students, faculty, and staff came together to celebrate the success of the event, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. The barbecue was not only a culinary delight but also an opportunity for informal interactions, strengthening the community bonds that make Webster Geneva a special place.

The Swiss+ High School and College Counselor event at Webster Geneva was a resounding success. Over two days, attendees engaged in meaningful discussions, gained valuable insights, and forged strong connections. The event highlighted the strengths of Webster Geneva, highlighting its commitment to providing a holistic and supportive educational environment.

As the counselors returned to their respective institutions, they carried with them a deeper understanding of what makes Webster Geneva exceptional. The event reinforced the university's reputation as a key player offering American curriculums in the safety of the Swiss environment, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators.

For more information about upcoming events and opportunities at Webster Geneva, visit geneva.webster.edu. Join us in our journey towards educational excellence and community engagement.

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